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At Bellflower Brethren Church we support a number of missionaries across the world who are working to help people come to know Jesus. Would you join us in prayer for these missionaries?

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Alfredo and Ana Vega

20 years ago Alfredo and Ana started building the church in Sindio which is close to San Antonio. Their vision is to one day have conferences there with other churches and do retreats. There areve 7 families in San Antonio that were active in the church, but since COVID started, they stopped attending church. Also 2 years ago they started a ministry in Jiquilpan, Michoacan, with Pastor Gerardo Baltazar. When Ana and Alfredo go, they do Bible studies in Jiquilpan, Alfredo preaches on Sundays at the Jiquilpan church, and trains them with new worship music and do discipleship.
Alfredo’s prayer requests: Please pray for the San Antonio ministry. People are being unresponsive. Also pray for the ministry in Jiquilpan. Please pray for our upcoming mission trip to San Antonio this summer from August 2nd-9th. 
Ana’s prayer requests: Please pray that the church families that stopped coming to church when the pandemic started would come back and also for their kids to know Jesus.

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Margaret Hull

Margaret Hull is a retired missionary who worked with Encompass who we continue to support. Margaret served in the Central African Republic for 25 years as a medical missionary and as a church planter in Porto, Portugal for 16 years. She is now retired and living in Arizona. We continue to support her in prayer and financially for her medical care.

Margaret remains connected with Encompass World Partners to provide member care to staff and missionaries on the field. She reaches out monthly to touch base with about 7 people that she helps to care for. She also sends out birthday cards to all staff members and missionaries who serve with encompass and she meets online with their staff to keep them updated. She also remains connected to a Bible study in Porto, Portugal online.

Prayer requests: Please pray for Margaret's hip to heal so that she can walk again without pain. She has had two surgeries, with the most recent one on Feb 5, 2021. Her hip is still sore and she can only walk short distances with a cane.

Pray for persecuted Christians, for parents to teach their children the faith so that they will be strong, and that churches would have wisdom in walking through the Covid-19 restrictions.

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Anthony and Barbara Ramos*

*Names changed for security purposes

Anthony works as the manager for an English program while Barbara serves fellow Encompass colleagues as associate director of coaching and is developing a small business to come alongside professionals using coaching skills. Anthony and Barbara host a Bible study with local friends and are teammates with Encompass staff engaged in business development and a social enterprise providing vocational training for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Please pray that God would powerfully bring salvation and wholeness to our colleagues, local friends, and their family members by softening their hearts and drawing them into a relationship with himself. Please, pray that we are led by the Holy Spirit as we engage our colleagues and local friends. We recognize God's power alone can save people in darkness.

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Sam and Tracey Schwartz

Sam and Tracey and their children Caleb and Ema Schwartz are missionaries to Lisbon, Portugal. 

Sam and Tracey have served in Portugal for twenty years. After a fruitful ministry as church planters in the city of Porto, they moved to Lisbon, Portugal to continue to bring compassion outreach, gospel conversations and creative discipleship to the residents of Portugal's capital city

  They ask for prayer for the Portuguese people to understand their deep need for God and Christian community despite Europe's strong tend toward secularization. They also ask us to pray for church communities in Portugal to meaningfully engage society with acts of mercy and creative outreach, with the gospel message.

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Antonio and Genesis Cordero

Antonio's ministry is sharing the gospel with Asuncion Mita, a small town, where he is trying to plant a church. Antonio and Genesis are church planters from Guatemala. Antonio walks in the neighborhood knocking on doors, since this is one of the ways he believes he can find people who want to listen about Jesus. Then if it is God's will we can start a service in somebody’s house, and in the future our desires are to be able to have a place to plant a church. Antonio and his wife have been praying that God can use them in this ministry because their big desire is to serve the Lord.

Antonio invites us to join in praying for these special requests:

1. Pray for Asuncion Mita the small town where I have been visiting and praying. Please pray that people open their doors since this is the place where we wanted to plant a church in the future of course if is on God will.

2. Pray for Rufino Najarro to stop drinking alcohol. And one day he will listen the word of God.

3. Please pray for my wife Genesis so she support me with this ministry and also pray for my 5 months old daughter Abby that she grow up healthy; she has been sick in the last two weeks and I have been a little worried about her.


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Kris and Archie Trammell

Kris and Archie Trammel work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

  • WYCLIFFE’S VISION - For people from every language to understand the Bible and be transformed.
  • WYCLIFFE’S MISSION - Serve with the global body of Christ to advance Bible translation and work together so people can encounter God through his Word.

3. Our ministry page: https://www.wycliffe.org/partner/Trammell

4. Prayer Requests

  • Please pray the people we serve and train will be effective in their ministries so that many souls will be saved and God will be glorified.
  • Pray for workers to go to the following parts of the world where people are waiting for Bible translation to begin in their languages:
Americas: 120
Europe: 60
Asia: 836
Africa: 597
Pacific: 401
TOTAL = 2,014

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Jim and Faye Hocking

Jim and Faye Hocking, serve with Water for Good in the Central African Republic. The challenge they are facing is tackling water poverty in one of the world's most forgotten countries. Our Goal? Clean, lasting water for every man, woman, and child in the Central African Republic, while showing them what the Love of Jesus looks like.

For more info visit: http://waterforgood.org

 Please join in prayer that their teams would continue to serve over 1,900 communities in the CAR while showing them what the Love of Jesus looks like.

 Pray for their national teams who show the ownership and sustainability of doing this work on their own. 

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Al and Hannah Siebert

The Mission Field of SoCal Youth For Christ are the 2.4 million kids aged 11-18, in 125 cities, on 1,489 campuses in Los Angeles County, Orange County & San Bernardino County.  SoCal YFC builds Youth Worker Networks, Student-led Campus Ministries, Young Leader Training Events like Turn Your Campus, IGNITE Teams and Listen Weekend Retreats, and People-Group-Focused Ministries like TLC Teen Moms & Dads and the South Pacific Islander Network...all in an effort to see young people enter God’s Forever Family!

Pray for the strength for us to keep on reaching out to young people everywhere.

Pray for more workers to enter the “harvest field” as workers to reach young hearts in the LA Basin.

To find out more visit: SoCalYFC.org and TurnYourCampus.com

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Jan Winn

Jan Winn is a SoCal Youth For Christ (YFC) missionary and financial secretary. Her position mostly relates with handling financial reports, payroll and deposits, making sure money is coded correctly and missionaries' support is put in correct accounts.

 She simply requests that we pray for her to do her best for the Lord.

For more information check these websites: SoCalYFC.org and TurnYourCampus.com

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Mark and Debby Schrock

The Schrocks are involved in sports ministry using the effective platform of soccer to equip players to be sports ministers and to reach the unsaved for Christ. This is done through teams, clinics, camps and any other platform through soccer where God’s love can be shared.

May we be faithful to follow the Lord’s leading in serving Him.   

To find out more visit: seahorsesoccer.com

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Ed Lewis

Ed Lewis works with "On Mission Partners" To be a catalyst for seeing believers "LIVE ON MISSION," by equipping them to reach people for Jesus. This is done in Hawaii by:

1. Mentoring a few believers in how to lead outreach events.

2. Training believers how to connect, with a loving attitude, to reach non-believers (School of Fish).

3. Using believers to help me start and develop new outreaches for Christ (Westside ALIVE).

  Ed Lewis asks for us to pray for the overlooked groups of people in Hawaii. Living in Nanakuli helps me reach the homeless. Oahu is the #2 in homelessness (per capita) in the USA. (New York is the highest).