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The Journey - Youth Ministry

Connect with friends and grow closer to Jesus

Our youth ministry is a place where students get to develop close friendships and have the chance to ask questions about God. We want students to develop their own faith as they ask their questions and learn what the Bible has to say.

This year our theme is Set Free. We're talking about freedom in Christ and what it means for us to gain that freedom as we become Christian adults.

Every Sunday we have teaching from the gospels about the life and teaching of Jesus related to the idea of freedom in Christ and specific overlapping monthly themes.

Every Wednesday we discuss a specific book of the Bible together as we all seek to learn more of the truth through a discussion. We will be discussing entire books of the Bible or major sections of books of the Bible for about 6 weeks-2 months before starting a new book.

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Fall Retreat
Join us for a fall retreat November 18-20 in Running Springs, CA.
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Release Form
Before coming to events, make sure to sign our release form. If you are comfortable giving it, please include a full year of permission on the dates when you fill it out.
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